The Experts in Corrosion and Protection

Don't dispose of corroded, expensive or irreplaceable equipment. Restore it to it's original condition using Polyflake!

Developed in Europe and refined over 25 years in the coating industry, Polyflake is composed of chemical resistant resins mixed with glass flakes to provide the best possible resistance to corrosion and wear.

Polyflake can be supplied as a packaged product, however for the best possible repair and protection of equipment, we recommend a full reconditioning service and treatment by our Polyflake Authorised Agents.

Before Polyflake Repair   After Polyflake Repair
Before Polyflake Repair   After Polyflake Repair
Before Polyflake® Treatment   After Polyflake® Treatment

About the Polyflake® Product

Developed in Europe and made from chemical resistant highly modified resins, mixed with glass flakes, Polyflake® can repair, rebuild and protect equipment to original standards at a much lower cost than replacement.

Polyflake® can be applied to metal, concrete and synthetics to increase the life of your equipment.

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About the Polyflake® Service

Our Authorised Polyflake Agents can treat all types of mechanical equipment, containment areas, and many other applications. This full service includes sandblasting, pipe fitting, new installations, specialist corrosion linings, shot blasting horizontal surfaces (dust free), sandblasting in situ, pipe and tank welding, general corrosion repairs and protection, specialist corrosion applications and many other repairs.

Our specialised Marine Repairs team can provide off-site services from our Miami workshop, as well as on-site dry dock crews, anywhere worldwide.

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About the NE Seal® Partnership

Polyflake can also offer mechanical seal and industrial sealing products that match or exceed OEM quality and are great value for money. We can repair and refurbish used or damaged mechanical seals, or supply new seals to suit your requirements.

Polyflake LLC, in partnership with NE Seal Industrial, offers a large inventory of Mechanical Seals at competitive prices.

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